SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features

By | April 20, 2022

SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features

SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features :

Under CSP, various types of facilities are offered to employees of corporate institutions including service institutions such as hospitals, hotels, transport corporations, etc. in salary accounts. The package can be adapted based on the business relationship between the corporate / institution and the bank.SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features.

SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features

Eligibility for different types of packages is based on net monthly income

SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features
Platinum: Rs.1,00,000 / – more than
Diamond: ₹ 50,000 / – to ₹ 1,00,000 / – till
Gold: Rs.25,000 / – to Rs.50,000 / – till
Silver: 10,000 / – to 25,000 / – till
This will determine your eligibility for the type of debit card, the amount of insurance coverage, loyalty program benefits etc.

30 lakhs Free air accident insurance (death) cover up to
Get personal loans, home loans, car loans and education loans at attractive rates.
Up to 25% off locker fee.
Take advantage of auto-sweep to generate e-MOD (multiple option deposits) and get higher interest.
Demat and open online trading account at the beginning.
Get free drafts, multi city checks, SMS alerts. Free online NEFT / RTGS.
Overdraft for an amount equal to two months net salary (currently available only to selected customers)
Get points on various transactions through our loyalty program SBI Rewards.
Various types of regular offers on Debit Card and Yon by Buy SBI.

SBI Corporate Salary Package (CSP) Features

Zero surplus account and free unlimited transactions at any bank’s ATM. Also available in association with SBI Credit Card.
20 lakhs Free personal accident insurance (death) cover up to.

Benefits of Salary Account in SBI

The person doing the job is well aware of the salary account. They know that if they do not have a salary account, they will not be able to get a monthly salary. However, it is entirely up to the company to decide which bank they prefer to open their employees’ salary account in, but those who have salary account in State Bank of India (SBI) have some advantages in addition to zero balance account which they missed.

According to the official website of SBI, a person with a salary account of SBI gets a discount on loans, home loans, car loans, education loans, etc. Apart from this, there are some other benefits that the salary account holders of SBI should know and also the salary account holders of SBI should be informed.

Here are 5 major benefits of having a salary account with SBI

  1. Accidental Death Cover – Account holders of SBI’s Salary Account get Accidental Death Cover up to Rs. 20 Lakh. Under this, if you die in an accident, you will get Rs 20 lakh.
  2. Air Accidental Death Cover- According to the SBI website, in case of death due to air accident, the SBI Salary Account holder gets insurance of Rs. 30 lakhs under Air Accident Insurance (Death) cover.
  3. 50% discount on loan processing fee – SBI account holder is entitled to 50% discount on any loan processing fee such as personal loan, home loan, car loan etc.
  4. Overdraft Facility – State Bank of India provides overdraft facility to its salary account holders. The country’s largest commercial bank pays SBI salary account holders two months’ salary under the overdraft facility.
  5. Locker Charge Waiver – SBI offers up to 25% discount on locker charge to its salary account holders. Apart from this, multi-city checks, SMS alerts, SBI’s salary account holders also get the benefit of free online NEFT / RTGS, free unlimited transaction facility at any bank’s ATM.

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