LIVE GARBA – Live Garba 2023 | Gujarat Live Garba 2023

By | October 17, 2023

LIVE GARBA – Live Garba 2023 | Gujarat Live Garba 2023 :Gujarati’s are specially known for their Great Garba In Navratri .Total 160+ Gujarati Garba lyrics available in this application. For that Garba lovers Wizard Technolabs going to launch one Simple and amazing apps of Special Garbas.Read, Share and make other people to be part your Garba community.

Using this app user can Read lyrics of their Favorite Garba.And also Share list of Garbas to other friends.This is simply fun provider apps. You will definitely love this apps.The word Garba comes from the Sanskrit word for womb.

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Garba is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights.Garba is performed in a circle as a symbol of the Hindu. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles.The dance is performed around a clay lantern with a light inside.

Navratri is biggest and longest music festival from Gujarat.Also, Modern Garba is also heavily influenced by Dandiya Raas.Beginning of the Navratri festival you will need Aarti and Garba we have given it in this application, you can read it with is lyrics of the Aarti and Garba.

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Key Features:

– Best Gujarati Garba Lyrics Application.

– Different type 100+ Gujarati Garba in our application.

– You can easily read and sing Gujarati Garba.

– Also, you can easily read and sing your favorite Gujarati Garba.

Begin Navratri celebration by listening/Dancing to different songs for Garba/Dandiya. Garba/Dandiya is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights.Enjoy this Navratri with your family by dancing to the beats of this audio application from Daksha Studios.


★ Beautiful collection of HD images.

★ Set the wallpaper on background.

★ Show current song’s current & total time with title.

★ Continuous update song’s current time according to playing songs.

★ You can minimize app easily by minimize button.

★ Play/Pause options available for audio.

★ App can be moved to SD Card from device settings.

★ You can select one of the folk songs(full audio) from the following list:

>> Jay Aadhya Sakti Aarti

>> Dholida Dhol Re Vagad

>> Fagan Toh Ramto Aayo

>> Pankhida Tu Ude Ne Jana Pavagadh Re

>> Sonal Garbo

>> Tara Naam Ni Chundadi

>> Deladi Mara Malakma

>> Ake Lal Darwaje Tambu – Maa Bhawani

>> Maro Saybo Chel Chogado

>> Mohan Murli Vagade

>> Mogal Chhedta Kalo Naag

>> Haiye Rakhi Hom Mare

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Begin Navratri celebration by listening/Dancing to different songs for Garba/Dandiya. Garba/Dandiya is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights.Enjoy this Navratri with your family by dancing to the beats of this audio application from Daksha Studios.You can enjoy latest garba and aarti collection using this app.

Ambe ma ni aarti – jay adhya shakti, vishwambhari stuti and bojan thal video available in this application.

Navratri is Maa Amba’s festival.

Navratri is very popular and biggest(9 days of Navaratri) music and dance festival from all over India and as specially for Gujarati Garba.

It is a festival of energy, worship, Dance, Song, and full of excitement.

Gujarati’s do Garba overnight for 9 days and worship Maa Amba.

Garba is a devotional dance form that derives from the folklore of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with the gopis using slim wooden sticks known as dandiya.

‘Raas Garba’ has also evolved to include steps like Dodhiyu, Trikoniy’, ‘Lehree’ and others.

What’s more, with time, Navratri festival has seen changes in celebrations with well-choreographed dance performances, high-end acoustics and people dressed in made-to-order, bright costumes.

Tourists flock to Vadodara in Gujarat to enjoy a mix of high-energy band music performances, singing and dancing.

This app contain best collection of Mataji Arti, Ambe Arti, Stuti and Garba Ringtones, Bollywood Dandiya Songs, Old Garba hit Songs, New Garba songs all in one application.

All top sounds you need are here carefully picked to be “Garba Ringtones” for you.

Get all collection of Gujarati Garba popular ringtone like Jay Aadhya Shakti, Tara Nam ni chunddi odhi, Bhala Mori rama etc with the images.

All these ringtones are free ones you download this app.

Wish you a very happy Navratri in advance.!

We introduce one of the best game of Navratri Garba. Download the amazing free Navratri game.

Navratri Garba Dress-up game is specially made for choice the cloths for boys and girls. put the dress on the body and look how it looks. you can design your own dress by your idea. Be a designer and show your skill.

Enjoy the garba with amazing dress like choli, dress, kurta etc. Decorate the cloths with kodi, chatara and all the things.

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યુનાઇટેડ વે બરોડા લાઈવ ગરબા

ફાલ્ગુની પાઠક લાઈવ ગરબા

નાયડુ ક્લબ લાઈવ ગરબા મુંબઈ

ઓમકાર ગ્રુપ નવરાત્રી લાઈવ

ગીતા રબારી લાઈવ ગરબા

ઐશ્વર્યા મજુમદાર લાઈવ ગરબા

સુરભિ રાજકોટ લાઈવ ગરબા

ચરોતર એજ્યુકેશન સોસાયટી આણંદના લાઈવ ગરબા

પોરબંદર લિયો પાયોનિયર લાઈવ ગરબા

પોરબંદર થનગનાટ લાઈવ ગરબા

વૃંદાવન આણંદના લાઈવ ગરબા

ઉમિયાધામ સુરત લાઈવ ગરબા

ખોડલધામ જુનાગઢ લાઈવ ગરબા

ઉમિયા પરિવાર જામનગર લાઈલ ગરબા
સરદાર ધામ રાજકોટ લાઈવ ગરબા

ભૂમિ ત્રિવેદી લાઈવ ગરબા

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