Launch a new service for Google Pay users, get a loan of 1 lakh at a click, find out how

By | February 17, 2022

Launch a new service for Google Pay users, get a loan of 1 lakh at a click, find out how

This news is for you if you also use Google Pay. If you need one lakh rupees in any emergency, Google Penny service will be very helpful for you. However, instant loan facility has been introduced through Google Pay.

You need to be a Google Pay user.
To take advantage of this service you need to have a good use of both Google Pay and your credit history. If this happens you will get a personal loan of up to one lakh rupees per minute.

DMI Finance launches service
However DMI Finance Limited has launched a new service to offer digital personal loans with Google Pay.

The only benefit for Google Pay users is that
Google Pay users will get double benefit under this service. First you get the Google Pay Custer experience. Secondly, through this platform you can get instant personal loan from DMI Finance.

Who will get the loan benefit?
Benefits of Instant Loan Service Not every user using Google Pay will benefit. Your credit history will determine whether or not you will get a loan. Under this facility, pre-qualified eligible users will be determined as per the conditions laid down by DMI Finance. Such customers will be given loans through Google Pay.

… Money will come in minutes
If you are a pre-qualified customer, your instant loan application will be processed in real time. Money will be credited to your bank account within minutes of the process.

Learn the whole process here

  1. First open the Google Pay app on mobile.
  2. If you are eligible to get a pre-approved loan, a money option will appear under the promotion.
  3. Here you click on the loan.
  4. The Offers option will now open. This will show the option of DMI.
  5. Here you have to complete the application.
  6. Upon processing the application, the amount will be credited to your bank account as soon as the loan is approved.

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