KHOYAPAYA Register – ખોયાપાયા રજીસ્ટર

By | June 26, 2022

KHOYAPAYA Register – ખોયાપાયા રજીસ્ટર

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CONS Teacher Activity Checklist Teachers need to receive in-service training to better understand: a) Understanding the importance of basic education Preparation b) Socio-personal qualities, environmental concerns and values ​​Teachers’ beliefs and attitudes towards students  Approaches to pedagogy, including arts – integrated learning and toys – game-based approaches.  g) Evaluation in the early years.

Counseling in the early years j) i) Promoting the role of parents and community in basic literacy and numeracy Identifying and addressing the needs of children with special needs in the early years  Please.  b) Print a rich classroom environment in the form of word walls, story books, posters to aid in the development of print awareness and literacy skills.  c) 

Use indigenously locally available materials that are low cost or non-cost and easily accessible.  Ensure that children can manipulate content and have safe access to materials and other resources. 

d) Different areas of activity such as reading area, creative area etc. need to be designed by teachers to promote free play, social emotional development skills etc.  e) The display of material should be at the level of children’s eyes.  is f.  Evaluate children’s previous knowledge literacy.  

Teachers design with classroom practices in mind: a) The mother tongue is to be used as a medium of instruction.  by Use multilingualism as a source in the classroom.  c) Focus more on fun, practical learning through art, stories –

poetry, rhymes, games, toys, songs, or activity based home – language mother tongue rich local traditions.  (Compilation of art, sports, ICT, storytelling, toys, games, puzzles, etc.).  d) Classroom practices based on integrated real life situation lesson plans with a view to interdisciplinary education for the student to achieve competency in each field.  

Multi-activity learning learning exercises will be conducted in the classroom focusing on key aspects including pre-literacy skills (e.g., correlation with letter recognition and letter sounds), pre-numeracy skills (e.g., numeracy calculation and comparison)  ), Other major skills such as cognitive skills (e.g., pattern recognition, taxonomy, etc.) and social skills. 

Sensitivity to gender, disability, different education level in the classroom etc.  Assessment: 2) Use School Based Assessment (SBA) to track student development.  Inside the classroom.

An important technique of assessment during basic education is done through ‘observation’.  It involves constant observation to understand children’s abilities, interests, learning styles and their level c) The teacher needs to plan for each learning based on the observations.  Especially how every child learns literacy and numeracy skills skills. 

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