Akshaya Patra Register File – અક્ષય પાત્ર રજીસ્ટર

By | June 26, 2022

Akshaya Patra Register File – અક્ષય પાત્ર રજીસ્ટર

Lifelong learning ‘Time at work’ is scarce.  Most children are not actively engaged in education for most of the time.  Children get distracted if there is no joy or happiness in the learning process.  Most classrooms have very little children’s reading material or TLM.  Often, classrooms have alphabetical and numerical charts displayed or painted on the walls of the classroom. 

Thus, children do not get a chance to engage with books or other teaching materials.  Teachers need to provide a print-rich and toy-rich environment in the classroom.  .  Teaching through experimental and real world based pedagogy: If the teaching is textbook focused in the classroom and emphasis is placed on completing the curriculum and if the teacher’s ability to acquire basic teaching-learning skills also plays a central role in the process children’s context and real world. 

 Currently, some teachers do not take interest in learning multi-level, game-based, student-centered learning if the experiences are separated.  Children have the opportunity to be trained in informal mathematical thinking, which connects the school with the broader ECCE, as they solve simple problems in life for early standard school students, according to actual research.  Therefore, especially in Std. 1 and 2 is very important.  

 Classroom math education should be linked to service in all stages of a child’s out-of-school education (in-school experiences. Service) Support learners struggling to cope with existing challenges in teacher training: By keeping teachers, NCERT is an innovative integrated program of teacher training providing additional support to underprivileged children. 

Prepared, which should now be able to provide NISHTHA, this gap continues to grow.  (National Initiative for School Heads and Continuous Evaluation of Teachers and Comprehensive Improvement of Frequent Learning Distance).  Identifying the Loyalty Model: Following the evaluation of education, including examinations, teachers who teach at a basic stage of education often use customized FLNs to develop skills or concepts rather than content.  

The package should focus on testing for specific materials.  In order for education to be continuous and to meet the needs of pedagogy, assessment must be integrated.  Continuity from pre-school to elementary school can be designed to cover creating a print-rich environment in the classroom.

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