Aajno Dipak Register – આજનો દિપક રજીસ્ટર

By | June 26, 2022

Aajno Dipak Register – આજનો દિપક રજીસ્ટર

Encourage all of these areas into three main goals, which include incorporating self-regulation skills. Enables you to develop the habit of working hard and working well. Developmental Goal 1: Children maintain good health. And well-being becomes.

Lifelong learning of a child’s strengths, needs, interests and. • Developmental Goal 2: Children become effective communicators. Identify preferences. . Developmental Goal 2: Children become engaging learners and connect with their immediate environment. Empower the child’s performance and give him or her a scaffold through intervention.

Collaborate to solve these problems and cheetah areas. Contribute to early identification of learning differences and learning difficulties. In addition, key capabilities and concepts for each target have been highlighted and these capabilities have been developed from the ‘Pre-School Curriculum’ and ‘Learning Outcome’ documents developed by NCERT. Similarly, NEP 2020 focuses on the concepts of mathematical thinking, design education, etc.

Evaluation of learning: There are three developmental goals in the basic years of education including physical and motor development, socio-emotional development, language and literacy, cognitive development (understanding of mathematics and numeracy as well as understanding the world), spiritual and moral development, art and aesthetic development which are interrelated Based.

A holistic and purposeful assessment is important for tracking children’s progress using a variety of techniques. Parental involvement is also important for the development of maximum education and competencies in the child. Therefore, assessment during basic education can be broadly classified into two areas, viz. The primary purpose of assessment is to support and guide the education of every child from FYL-1 to FYL-2 (age group of 6 to 8 years).

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